A special Thank You to all of the people who contributed to the succss of my Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to put my first Firenze print into production at Griswold Textile Print Inc. The project was a success and I now have two bolts of fabric available to use for accessories and home decor and for sale by the yard. 

Following are the names of those who pledged support in the form of monetary contributions, but many others offered support in so many ways. My journey would not have been successful without the help of all of my friends, colleagues, my family (Jon,  Gavin and Katie), and Dave Allen, a video wizard, who helped make mine exceptional.
Saeeda A. Don K. Jack and Jean S.
Jon A. Jean K. Joni S.
Karen B. Carol M. Catherine S.
Sandy B. Bud M. Susan S.
Margot B. Pat M. Pat S.
Susan C. Timothy M. Linda S.
Patricia C. Jean N. Raquel S.
Lisa D. Janet P. Marlene S.
George F. Shelley R. Kate S.
Morgan F. Suzanne R. Garrow T.
Rose F. Elizabeth R. Joan T.
Bronwen F. Pamela R. Becky T.
Etta J. and Aldo G. Julie R. ​Fawn B-V.
Alice H. Meredith R.  
Karen J. Emily S.